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Spiritual Principles

There are many spiritual principles that are universally recognized by most faith traditions as the cornerstones for a good life. The principles that we have chosen to discuss here are not the only values worth pursuing, but they represent an excellent start, and they are areas in which we all can grow and improve. Dave S. is the author of most of the essays in this section. Each one showcases what he has learned on his journey of faith through his many years of recovery.

To explore a principle, click on it in the list on the right. For each principle, you’ll find a thoughtful essay about what the principle means and how it can be applied in everyday life. We have also included links to other readings and resources for each principle, and books that can help you explore it even further.

If you want to delve even deeper into each principle, then you can click on the link to that principle and the 12 steps of that principle and religious faith.

Spiritual Principles and the 12 Steps

Those of us walking a journey of recovery focused on the 12 Steps know that each step embodies a spiritual principle. To help you apply the principles to your recovery, each principle is linked to a step and includes a discussion of how it applies to that step and how you can make it real in your life, in a recovery context. This discussion also includes some questions to ponder to help you incorporate the principle in your life, as well as links to other resources of that step and recommended books.

Spiritual Principles and Religious Faith

These spiritual principles have a foundation in religious faith. Read about that connection, which includes quotes from the Holy Bible and other sacred texts. Of course, there are more recommended readings to help you continue your learning.